New Air

by Iman Person

Commissioned by STRP

Air and breathing. They seem so harmless, ethereal even. But the state of these substances (oxygen, nitrogen) and how we perceive them is changing enormously. Sharing your breath with others feels like a taboo, infected and insecure. Artist Iman Person explores the concept of air as a messenger and as a consolation. She wonders whether landscapes have a specific range of language in their flora and whether their voice is held by the wind that travels through it.

Iman’s contribution to STRP Expo is New Air, an installation in which the mutual communication between humans and non-humans is examined using wind data, a sculpture and sonic exploration. With her work, Iman engages with the soft boundaries/boundarylessness that exist within nature, the mind and organisms of memory.

She is one of the two winners of the STRP ACT Award 2021 (Award for Creative Technology). Enjoy the video and parts of her research in this expo that takes you along her work as an urban shaman. View her research here

18.0179° N, 76.8099° W

34.0522° N, 118.2437° W

33.7490° N, 84.3880° W

7.9465° N, 1.0232° W

About the Artist(s)

Iman is currently graduating from the University of California in the Design and Media Arts Program. Her artistic practice serves as a compass to frame concepts of primordial memory, longing and consciousness, through the lens of nature. She examines discussions centred on societal healing, language and plant technology, and she explores traditional African and Indigenous rituals, ethnobotany, spirituality, and natural phenomena.